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Who is Incapable of Understanding or Doing Anything About It.
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Sunday, February 25, 2018

NORK Talks?

A North Korean envoy making a rare visit to South Korea said Sunday that his country was willing to open talks with the United States, a rare step toward diplomacy between enemies after a year of North Korean missile and nuclear tests and direct threats of war from both Pyongyang and Washington.
You might ask yourself why the North Koreans are now so interested in talking.

Well, it's not because of Trump's bluster and sanctions. Nobody, outside of his base, takes that tweeting poltroon seriously.

It's more likely because of an intelligence coup that North Korean hackers pulled off last year. They hacked into South Korean military computers and stole a bunch of operational plans for a war with North Korea. Apparently, what they then read and analyzed scared the shit out of them.

Is that really the truth? Beats me.

Heh. Heh. Heh..

Today's Non Sequitur.

Your Sunday Morning Rotor Noise

A Sikorsky H-34

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember the day when the UH-34 was the typical military helicopter, before being replaced by the UH-1.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Chip awaits either attention or food.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ihre Papiere, Bitte

The Gestapo, err, Customs and Immigration, is setting up more and more checkpoints to stop people and to search their cars without any probably cause whatsoever. If you get on an intercity bus or an Amtrak train, some goons may come up to you to demand to see your papers.

No word as to whether or not they're wearing black leather trenchcoats and carrying PPKs or P-38s. But they might as well be doing that.

Did You Want a New Cessna TTx?

Well, they're not making them anymore.

I've heard that the TTx was nicer to fly, but that the SR-22 was just a better overall airplane. The market seems to agree on that.

Both are way above my price range.

Gillibrand the Turncoat Hates Democracy

Kirsten Gillibrand was on the Late Show lamenting the NRA's "chokehold" on Congress.

She's a political turncoat. When she was a congresswoman representing the NY 20th Cong. District, she was a very strong supporter of gun rights. She was rated "A" by the NRA and she made sure that the voters in the 20th knew that. The 20th was largely Republican, so she ran to the right, railed against illegal immigrants and supported gun rights. As a lawyer, she had represented one of the big tobacco companies. She raised, for her district, a lot of money from tobacco company employees and she had no problem with taking their money.

When she wanted to run for the Senate seat that was vacated by Hillary Clinton, Gillibrand was questioned by Michael Bloomberg about her stances on gun rights. Gillibrand all but told Bloomberg that she was a believer in gun control and only supported gun rights to get elected to Congress. She has also flipped to supporting "pathways to citizenship", which is at odds with her past stance on illegal immigration.

Which means that Gillibrand is a consummate politician whose only true belief is that she should be elected. She's not "for" or "against" anything other than that. If her flip-flops on guns and immigration are any indication, she'd support necrophilia if there were enough voters interested in promoting it.

Second, what the NRA does is called "being better at the democracy thing than its opponents". They raise money, they mobilize people to go to the polls. Enough people turn out to vote that they make a difference.

Funny how this all seems to hinge on a person's political viewpoint. People who are fine with the NRA, the Koch Brothers and the Walton family pouring money into PACs and into the coffers of politicians are upset when labor unions, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg do the same, and vice versa.

So there's the deal, folks: That's how the game is played. Proponents of a particular point of view raise money and try to turn out voters. If the other side does it better than you, there's nothing unfair about it. They're just better at it than you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This, Kids, is Why You Should Never Talk to a Federal Agent Without Your Lawyer Present

The special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election has charged an attorney with lying to federal investigators about his interactions with a former Trump campaign official, according to court papers made public Tuesday.

Alex van der Zwaan, who worked at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom until he was fired last year, was to appear in court later Tuesday at a plea hearing.
Lying to the Feebies is a felony. Unless you're a gangbanger, a felony conviction will fuck up your life.

And the Grift Goes On, And the Grift Goes On

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is making what has been dubbed an unofficial visit to India to promote his family’s real estate projects. But he’s also planning to deliver a foreign policy speech on Indo-Pacific relations at an event with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Indian newspapers have been running full-page, glossy advertisements hyping his arrival and the latest Trump Tower project under the headline: “Trump is here — Are You Invited?” The ads also solicited home buyers to plunk down a booking fee (about $38,000) to “join Mr. Donald Trump Jr. for a conversation and dinner.”
We've descended a steep slope from the days when the big outrage was about a presidential relative selling lousy beer.

(The funny thing is that they would have rather had Ivanka show up.)